English Housing Survey Part 1 – All about our property stock

When someone shows me some figures which make a lot of sense and seem to be pretty robust – oh and they turn out to be from the Government, too – then Im fascinated as no-one covers this very much in the news. If they do, they tend to quote just the figures which lend themselves to ‘shockingheadlines!

So no major news story today, but here are the figures Ive taken from the (huge) report that will give you all the myth-busting facts and figures at your fingertips – to contradict what people say about property at work, in the pub and during dinner!

English Housing Survey Part 1 – All about our property stock


About Kate Faulkner OBE

One of the UK’s leading property experts, commentators and analysts. An author of a number of property books, including four property guides for the consumer organisation Which?. Media appearances include BBC1 Breakfast, ITV/ITN, The One Show, BBC2 Your Money, Radio 4 You and Yours, Radio 5 Live, Channel 4, plus numerous local BBC radio stations.
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