Kate is a leading consultant and property market commentator. She is chair of the Home Buying and Selling Group and helped set up and run The Lettings Industry Council. Kate’s business provides accurate and independent research, content and analysis about the property market and key issues of the day. She works closely with the industry to help provide consumers with independent advice on how to buy, sell, rent, invest, renovate, maintain or build a property. Kate has written eleven books on property, including four for Which? She has produced the UK’s only Buy to Let online TV show and is a regular contributor to the media including BBC News Channel, Breakfast, R4’s You and Yours and MoneyBox as well as ITV’s This Morning and provides regular commentary to major newspapers and magazines.

Kate Faulkner is one of the UKs top residential property experts and is regularly featured in the media. She was one of the Future Homes Commissioners; author of the recent Independent Report on the PRS and of many property books, including four for Which? Kate runs a niche consulting business for residential property companies via Designs on Property and provides a free consumer service on how to ‘carry out a property project’ through Propertychecklists.

Kate Faulkner is one of the UK’s leading property experts. She helps people undertake property projects successfully. Specialising in advising the property industry, and buy to let and property investors, Kate spends much of her time understanding how property markets work. She observes how global and UK political, economic and financial factors affect property prices, rents and investment returns, then determines how regional factors, including supply and demand, may strongly influence investment performance. Kate publishes her own ‘Buy to Let Guide’ on an annual basis and has authored the ‘Which?’ property guides for ten years. She is regularly interviewed by the BBC, ITV, Radio 4, and Radio 5 Live; and was the Telegraph’s Buy to Let Expert. She has also presented for BBC’s Inside Out.

Kate Faulkner is one of the UK’s leading property experts. She is passionate that most of the problems in the residential property market can be solved if the media, industry and government worked together to educate consumers on how to carry out property projects. To aid this, Kate has set up a free consumer site Propertychecklists and working groups for homebuying and selling and The Lettings Industry Council. Kate regularly features on BBC TV and radio including You and Yours, Moneybox and 5Live’s Midnight Property Expert as well as LBC’s Property Hour and on ITV’s This Morning. She earns her money mainly through consulting projects with the industry.

Kate Faulkner is one of the UK’s leading property experts, focusing on consumer education and providing free independent property advice via Propertychecklists. Kate is regularly featured in the press, on the radio and TV, including ITV’s This Morning and BBC Breakfast. Kate also initiated and created The lettings Industry Council and The Homebuying and Selling Group.

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