Property price, rental & market analysis

Read Kate Faulkner’s latest unique, consumer property market commentary.
No agenda, no sales pitch, she just tells it how it is.

In the UK, the reporting on what’s happening to prices and rents is extremely poor. You will see headlines of prices ‘surging’ when in actual fact they are just rising in line with inflation.

Rents are often reported as ‘sky rocketing’ or ‘extortionate’ whereas the analysis that Kate has – using Government statistics, shows this is completely inaccurate in most cases.

Unfortunately due to the fact that housing ministers are lasting less than a year, coupled with poor market analysis, no Government has done anything over the last twenty years to improve the housing situation, and has on many occasions caused the problems people have in the first place.

If you really want to understand what’s happening in today’s property market, affordability issues, why vulnerable people are suffering, keep up to date with Kate’s latest property price, rental and regional reports.

PROPERTY PRICES for Buyers, Investors and Sellers

RENTAL PRICES for Buy to Let Investors and Tenants

What to do next?
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