What fact are most rental indices missing?

What fact are most rental indices missing?

There are five regular reports on the rental sector, some cover the UK and some cover just England and Wales. Here is a summary of the report headlines and latest data together with Kate Faulkner’s comments below to help landlords and tenants understand the implications of these reports for them:-

Report headlines:-
Acadametrics/LSL – “Rents rise once again in April but pace of increase slows”
Move with Us – “London rents on the rise”
Belvoir Lettings – “Average rents across the UK for April 2013 were £3 more than the average rent for 2012 for offices which have traded consistently over the last five years”
Homelet – “Rate of increase in the Capital’s rents slows down by almost half”

Kate Faulkner comments on Average Rents:
“There is far too much misinformation on what’s happening to rents across the UK. In the main, rents haven’t kept up with inflation at all. Unfortunately, what most rental indexes are missing is that rents fell dramatically in 2008 so reports of ‘rents rising’ from 2009/10 are, in the main, rents recovering to heights previously achieved in 2008.”

Read the full Rental Summary for May 2013, including the following:-

  • Average Rents
  • Capital Growth for Landlords
  • Demand for Rented Properties
  • Supply of Rental Properties

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